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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

very creative title * post deux

 Soooo my time in the United States is dwindling like the food supply at the Golden Corral on a 2 for 1 night , and it still hasn't hit me that I won't be living here for 10 or more months. Those that know me , know that I am NOT an emotional person but I have a feeling sometime soon I'll just break down and be a *hot mess*  . This got me thinking about things that I assume I will miss when away from home ( besides the obvious , family ,friends ,pets) . Here's what I have so far : and they are in no way ranked just typing as they pop into my head
1. 102.7 weqx also known as the only radio station that comes in well in Salem
2. AP Lit class , Don't judge , my AP Lit > your AP Lit
3. Pickup trucks , last time I was in Europe , saw 1... >.<
4. "American /Americanized" food , Mom's cooking
5. People being able to understand my caustic humor * note to self learn how to say :" I'm really funny in my own language " en Francais
6.Killer Bunnies
9. Ski Club
Those are all that I can currently think of at the moment but I doubt that there are myriads of readers waiting for another post at this point . so I'm not gonna worry about it

Friday, July 22, 2011

Post #1

Sooo I know pretty much next to nothing about blogs.. it's like a diary that everyone can see? Anyway this is my attempt at one (I've already had to change the name :( ) and it will be a wonderful outlet for my various complaints and misadventures in Belgium for the coming months . I'll be living in Dour, Belgium representing my town , state and country * cue National Anthem*  as a Rotary exchange student. I'll go to a High School ... again  because I just graduated last month , so this with essentially be my gap year . I will live with 2 , possibly 3 host families and hopefully in turn learn some french..? My current skill level at French is about at a 2 years old capacity . I also hope to travel visit friends I've made from previous trips to Europe and Exchanges and share these "life changing" experiences with all three of you that will read this ! Anyway I have like 25 days till I leave so the real exciting *sarcasm stuff is yet to come. Right now I'm just sitting around waiting for my visa to arrive.

so here goes nothing...