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Monday, August 29, 2011

Cajun chef GPS

 Well look how time flies when yer havin' fun. I guess I could say i've been pretty busy . I'm very lucky , my host family has been taking me so many place's and I'm starting to make connections with other exchange students.
before I continue with my regular boring garbage we have another awkward moment to share .
**** Yesterday , in the car driving back from visiting  an Abby my host mother askes me for a hug , and i give her ....wait for it..... my pack of gum... yay lost in translation. If you can't laugh things off here you might as well kill yourself.
  * Also i was on my way to a birthday party with my host brother and his girlfriend and the voice on her gps was of a very famous dead french actor , but seriously it sounded like that cajun chef guy . i can just hear it in my head now TOURNE AU GAUCHE APRES 300 METERS
    Things that i miss that are typically american
Hugging : Hug's here are only reserved for the very special occations , leaving forever , marriages, deaths, ect. I asked my host mom about it and she give's me hugs now because i was completely depleted  of them.
  Music: It's more or less disappointing to turn on the radio to hear james blunt's goodbye my lover for the 345th time that day . I know belgium isn't a big country but I though they more recording artists , seriously all the time it's american music on the radio .but it's the same stuff all the time . never the indie music i so crave
Also AMERICAN IDOL >Eruovision or any other european singing competition , my god , its just sad.
   Sports: girls here don't really play sports , and if they do its usually something cut-throat and brutal like , badminton. it's hard to explain that i play soccer because it's not a girls sport here . Sport culture overall is completely different . Sport's are our lives back in the united states especially for girls , here , not so much.
 Land: My "lawn" here is around the same size at the bathroom . i needz the space with grass , there is no grass here .
  Don't get me wrong I love it here LOVE IT but its just something i'm not used to , yet.

By the By : Irene why are you such a Bitch , give my family and the 3 million others power back and stop F*cking up my country ,take a midol and chill. seriously though everyone affected , you're in my thoughts.

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