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Sunday, August 14, 2011


so I've been a LITTLE busy the past few days so I might as well do a little rundown of the past few days . Wednesday : attempted packing , best friends threw a surprise party for me
Thursday: bought last minute items finished packing , cried
Friday: woke up , cried, said goodbye to friends , cried , went to the airport ,didn't cry , left for dulles, cried like a manchild, arrived at dulles oddly refreshed and confidently walked through the airport with my belt undone, shamefully ran into bathroom to fix belt. found my gate, found other exchange students heading to belgium , 6 hr layover , made friends, long ass flight to Bruxelles.
Saturday: arrived at the airport in Bruxelles , Huge welcome from all host families in the lobby , found family!!!!! left Bruxelles for Dour, spent day hanging out playing video games, skyping and speaking lots and lots and lots of  french because they don't speak any English, napped and forgot where i was, showed family how terrible the dollar is compared to the euro, 100 us is 56 eu . yep I'm slummin it. watched the rugby world cup .  went to bed late. by the way, for me, this whole website is in dutch.


  1. Oo, videogames! I love them but my family doesn't play at all, so I think they think I'm wasting my time if I play. Did you bring your own or use your family's?

  2. my brothers have a ps3 hahaha they play fifa all the time