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Monday, August 15, 2011

cultural note

      okay so it may just be me , being american , but I don't care . It's my blog and I'll do what I want goddamnit.  So today some friends I met at my brother's 21st birthday party last night went to a nearby town to play soccer at a little turf field . So we're just playing , the five of us and then i hear is , the buzz of the mopeds and they arrive in droves. All these really really skinny guys with spiked hair smoking cigarettes and wearing jerseys of their favorite teams, Barca , Marseilles  ect.. And it shocked me , these were soccer players... I just want to say that in America we have sandwiches bigger than these kids. They're probably my age or older and half my weight. I tried to explain to my friends that if there were kids that looked like that in the united states that wanted to play sports people would be like.... why don't you give golf a go ,or chess? I just hope these fellows don't think they'll be playing professional sports if they smoke 30+ cigarettes a day , only babe ruth can pull that crap.

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