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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


 I love traveling and i love being here , but i hate tourists, i know i am one "technically" but seriously i hate them . Brussels is a beautiful city and I've enjoyed myself every time I've visited but i die a little inside when the SUPER tourists arrive. They come in groups , day tripping , stopping at EVERY little shop because they just can't seem to find the right I <3 Belgium shot glass. And I'm more than thankful that the rotary is organizing so many trips for us but its a package deal thing . You can go to Spain, Italy , Paris , London, Prague , Holland but it's in the most touristy way possible , they corral you up in a bus and ship you off to the city where you get out take pictures buy some kitch souvenirs and then putt off to your next post card worthy destination. and to finish off your night you will be dining at the most authentic restaurant the city has to offer , The Hard Rock Cafe.... Because when in Paris or London one must simply go for the hamburgers and Cesar salad . and of course the memorabilia is wonderful , oh look it's Keith Richard's g-string I'm totally immersed in the culture now.
   You can call me a snob and I'll just tell you you're right and that i watch the travel channel too much  but that's not how i want to discover a city . I would rather go on my own or visit someone who lives there, a local who knows the in's and out's of a city . Where you have to go and where you should just avoid because you will be engulfed in a stampede of fanny-packs and disposable cameras. so hopefully i can save a few euro's and my sanity and try and see europe MY WAY!

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