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Saturday, August 6, 2011

t-minus 6 days and counting

     Alright so for my readers that don't know me personally I thought I'd tell you a bit about my hometown of , Salem , New York . People tell me all the time that they're from a small school and I usually don't find there school to be small at all unless you're from the Adirondacks ;) . Salem, New York's population currently stands at 2,700 which actually surprised me but then I realized every little tiny community surrounding it is included. My school , Salem Central has less that 600 students k-12 and declining , mostly because no one moves to Salem for  a secure job market or relative prosperity , just if you're independently wealthy. Or in my parent's case you want to live somewhere that looks like Vermont but isn't in Vermont, just 2 miles away from it. What else is there.... not much... I graduated with a class of 42 kids , we don't have a grocery store but two work out studios . We have one gas station , two theaters and 5 churches. If you live here you are usually apart of the school somehow or a farm , and if you aren't , sucks to be you , you have quite the commute everyday ( both my parents travel 45 minutes each way ) .one cool thing i can say about Salem is that the food is good, there are so many new businesses of fresh and organic food, so i guess that's something. But seriously it gets depressing when its the middle of the winter and there's 18 inches of snow and counting and you haven't seen the sun in what feels like years and you can't drive anywhere because you'll probably end up like the Donner party . I'm trying to think of interesting things that happened in Salem .... ummm the first american etymologist was born here, the snowboard was invented here, my school is the oldest continually running school in New York State . I was the 221st commencement and that's about it.
    Also now that I'm on the topic of home I really want to hand it to my parents for letting me do this, because I know the didn't want me to . I was the kid that couldn't stay over at people's houses not too long ago and then I up and went to Germany for 20 days and didn't get upset at all .Thus giving me the travel bug and decided doing rotary wouldn't be a bad idea, whats 10+ months? If I ever "spawn" I don't know if I'd be able to let them go away for a year besides college. So I'd like to say thanks to them and tell my mom to man up and come visit me with my dad and my brother even if they have to use horse tranquilizers.

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